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I’m Russ The Wedding Expert DJ and I’m nothing like any other DJ. How am I different? To start with I have spent the last 20 years DJing just weddings and nothing else. Additionally, unlike other DJs when DJing I’m recognizably professional, my style is wedding perfect in both announcing and presentation, I do not drink while DJing, I won’t hire or subcontract another person to DJ your wedding, I hold an MBA from a highly accredited university, I'm extreme when it comes to dependability and punctuality, and I even provide a 100% money-back-guarantee that you will love what I will do with your wedding. No other DJ works this way.

I'm going to move your reception forward by first making sure you two are ready and that everything else is in place prior to each step, and then guide your guests by using tasteful sounding announcing. I’m going to completely customize and stylize your music to your individual tastes and selections.

By having me as your DJ you'll be assured to have an amazing wedding day, where you two and all your guests will have a total blast, and all will forever remember how great your wedding was!

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