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I’m Russ The Wedding Expert DJ and I’m very unique when it comes to DJs. The reason I’m so unique is because I've spent the last 20 years of my life specifically DJing just weddings. You're going to find that I’m a true professional and expert when it comes to weddings. Something also very important for you is that I never send other DJs out to my weddings like other DJs do. Other DJs subcontract other want-to-be DJs to DJ some of their weddings. When you book me you don't take a risk of getting some inexperienced DJ - you actually get me as your DJ.

I’m extreme when it comes to dependability, punctuality, professionalism, quality, and ethical standards, and I hold an MBA from a highly accredited university. You’ll appreciate my unique style of announcing and presentation, since both are not only tasteful but perfect for a wedding. I'm going to move your reception along by first making sure you two are ready and that everything is in place prior to each step, then guide your guests by using my tasteful style of announcing. I’m going to completely customize and stylize your music to your individual tastes and selections.

Your DJ will make an absolute HUGE difference in how your wedding turns out. Your DJ will make or brake it, so you're not going to want to blow this part of your wedding. To prove that you’re going to love what I can do with your wedding, I have a 100% money-back satisfaction-guarantee, which is another thing that you’ll never get with another DJ. By having me as your DJ you'll feel secure knowing that you have hired the best DJ possible and because of that one thing you will have the best wedding possible.

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I guarantee I'll be your DJ at your wedding. Other DJs subcontract out other people to DJ weddings - it's just the way this industry works. They book a large number of weddings, which eliminates any chance of quality, dependability, and personal touch. Doing this gives them the ability to charge a lower fee, since they can make it back off of volume -but the results are not good.

I DJ only one wedding per day, so the whole day is dedicated exclusively to just your wedding. Other DJs work two weddings per day, both a noon and then an afternoon/evening wedding, which causes quality and punctuality problems. Doing this gives them the ability to charge a lower fee, since they can make it back off of volume - but again the results are not good.

Personalized and customized service in every aspect.

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Security knowing that having me as your DJ is a safe and excellent choice.

Announcements are tastefully conducted in both words and tonality.

Keeping your reception together and flowing smooth, by orchestrating every step prior to my announcing each step.

Providing the best in professional sound equipment and microphone systems that are updated and replaced every two years to ensure reliability, sound quality, and aesthetics.

Sound-systems wherever you need them. Capable of accommodating all conditions, indoors and outdoors, in up to three separate areas with three separate sound-systems.

Obsessive punctuality resulting in never being late to a wedding in all my 20 years. No other DJ has that type of track record.

Punctuality system set in place. I arrive three hours prior to music start time even though the typical length of setup time is 1.5 hours. Since no other DJs don't allow time for some possible delay in travel, they are sometimes late.

Performing all styles of weddings; from casual nontraditional, to black tie, to beach style, to country style, and many others.

Wearing a nicely tailored black suit, black dress shirt and shoes, and a strait regularly knotted tie that is sold silver/gray with a slight sheen.

Or dressing to accommodate any theme wedding, if you are having a theme wedding.

Wireless broadband ready for instant onsite music downloads if the need arises.

Extensive knowledge of all genres and all decades of music, so I can help you if you need help with your music selections.

The music selections played at your wedding will reflect your personal choices and style.

Many couples that hire me don't live in CA, so I have organized and streamlined my service so that everything can be done by phone and online accurately and efficiently. Everything from getting to know about my service to all planning and communication, allowing for better use of your time and energy.

Catering to and respectful of all religions, orientations, ethnicities, and cultures.